09 August 2020

Federico Lorefice

Founder&CEO of Congusto, Federico Lorefice, started his professional career very young when he was just 15. His mother encouraged him to found his first catering company. It was a project born out of passion and rapidly expanded, to confirm that this was the right way to proceed. In 1995 he won an international award as the youngest manager of an entrepreneurial project. Lorefice organized events for the Prince of Monaco, for the main fashion firms and the largest international companies. When he was twenty-six, after an international training and a great experience he understood that the catering market's turning around. It was 2003 when founded Congusto, a cooking school and a gastronomic salon, a journey through food and lifestyle. Lots of partners supported the school immediately. Seven years later, in the midst of an economic crisis, he still bets on his passions and sets up a course of study for professional chefs. Far from trends and market demand, far from "everyone-does-it".

Congusto Gourmet Institute quickly becomes a group managed by a team of professionals.

03 October 2022

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