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Cooking techniques

Cooking techniques

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Learn the best cooking techniques with our course in Milan. Become an expert in the kitchen in just a few weeks and surprise your guests with refined and creative dishes.

from 08/05 to 26/06/2024
from 25/09 to 13/11/2024
DURATION 8 lessons
Wednesday 19.00-22.00

Vegetable foods and their use A complete cooking course aimed at enthusiasts, whether beginners or not, determined to tackle in an organic way the learning of the different techniques and manual skills linked to the creation of a well-made dish. A course therefore designed with an amateur approach but professional logic, for those who wish to acquire specific knowledge in food management, in their choice, conservation, presentation and preparation.

We start immediately with the fundamentals of good organization in the kitchen, which requires in-depth knowledge of tools and equipment and their correct use. The next step is to study the ingredients and test yourself with their combinations in the different types of dishes of Italian cuisine. Broths, soups, sauces, first courses, fresh pasta, eggs, meat: participants in the basic cooking course learn, lesson after lesson, the key rules to become independent in the kitchen.

Our professional Chefs are continuously committed to transmitting fundamental theoretical knowledge, always connecting it to practical activities, functional to giving confidence in the creation of dishes.


  1. Organization in the kitchen: utensils and equipment
  2. Plant foods and their uses
  3. Cooking stocks and sauces
  4. Fresh pastas and traditional pastas
  5. Sauces and condiments
  6. Eggs: preparation and cooking techniques
  7. Rice and risottos
  8. The meats: choice, cut, cooking
  9. Traditional menu of Italian cuisine

At the end of the journey, users will know the equipment and tools necessary for cleaning and processing the products, their storage and cooking; they will have acquired the technical skills that allow them to choose and evaluate the quality and dosages of the incoming ingredients according to the type of final product to be made.

The cost of the course includes

  • ingredients, utensils and equipment
  • methods, preparation techniques and cooking times
  • creative and optimal use of food
  • preparation and presentation
  • textbook and handouts
  • Congusto cotton apron and hat

Final certificate

At the end of the course, a certificate of participation will be issued for all those who have attended 90% of the lessons.

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