Corporate Team Building

Corporate cooking team building: an educational and fun experience with Congusto

Do you want to improve the group dynamics of your collaborators in an original and stimulating way? Try corporate cooking team building at the Congusto cooking school in Milan. A team of professionals will guide you in a culinary challenge that will test the participants' creativity, team spirit and ability to work as a team. All in an exclusive location and with a final tasting.

Congusto offers you various cooking team building formulas, customizable based on your objectives and the level of active involvement you desire. Whether you are a middle or top manager, cooking team building will help you improve the time management and efficiency of your collaborators.

  • Join forces with your colleagues and prepare a menu course with the help of chef Congusto. Learn the techniques and secrets of Italian cuisine and discover how to work in harmony with others. At the end of the challenge, taste the full menu and celebrate with your teammates. An educational and tasty experience that will strengthen the sense of belonging and collaboration.


  • Challenge the other teams to create the same recipes, following the instructions of the Congusto chefs. Demonstrate your culinary skill and speed of execution. At the end of the race, wait for the final verdict and find out who won. A competitive and fun experience that will stimulate leadership and time management.


  • Let yourself be surprised by a basket with various ingredients and invent your own dishes with the support of the Congusto chefs. Use your creativity and imagination to create original and tasty dishes. At the end of the challenge, taste the other teams' creations and vote for the best. An innovative and stimulating experience that will encourage collaboration and problem solving.


  • Create your own personalized Gin with herbs and spices, following the instructions of the Congusto experts. Discover the secrets of distillation and blending. Take your bottle home and share it with your colleagues. A relaxing and fun experience that will strengthen the sense of belonging and communication.



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PLEASE NOTE: To obtain a quote for our cooking team buildings, you must send a request from a corporate email account with a telephone number. Rates start from 150 euros + VAT per person and up, depending on the number of participants (up to 50), the format and needs. It is also possible to rent the Auditorium room, equipped with all comforts, for meetings and convivial dinners.