Come to Milan and build your tomorrow at Congusto Institute, the leading cooking school in the gastronomic field with over 22,000 students trained in 20 years. Thanks to partnerships with the best restaurants in Italy and abroad, we offer our students excellent training courses with certifications valid throughout Europe and aimed at entry into the world of work. Furthermore, we also offer scholarships and training opportunities to companies.

Apply now to our Italian Culinary Program or our Italian Pastry Program for international students!

Congusto cooking school: learn, create, become

Congusto Institute is the italian cooking school for you. Here you will find professional courses for every level and specialty: cook and chef, pastry chef, baker, pizza chef, restaurant manager. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you will find the course for every need in our catalogue.

And if you want 360° training, you can choose the multi-specialist master's degree, which trains you to manage and direct in the world of catering. The master is a complete and innovative path, with active workshops, internships, visits and special projects.

And if you don’t speak Italian and you are a foreign student, you can choose one of our culinary programs in English. Reach out our admission advisor to get more information about the right course for you!

As Brillat-Savarin said: “The discovery of a new dish does more for the happiness of mankind than the discovery of a star”

Congusto Institute is the professional cooking school that offers you a 1,500 square meter campus, accessible to all and by law. Here you can relax and socialize in the outdoor area, grow aromatic herbs in the educational garden and cook in bright and comfortable laboratories, with large windows that let in natural light.

The offer of the Congusto cooking school is completed by enthusiastic home cooks courses, on different themes and levels. Whether you're a beginner or want to perfect your skills or discover new recipes, you'll find the basic cooking course that's right for you.

And if you want to have a fun and engaging cooking experience with your colleagues or your customers, you can choose from the team building proposals for companies. You will be able to cook together, challenge yourself in culinary competitions, taste typical products and much more. Discover our cooking team buildings and contact us to organize your corporate event .

We have chosen to provide training with technical-scientific methods, using topics and data that help us to understand. Our teaching staff is made up of the most qualified and experienced chefs, pastry chefs, bakers and trainers of national and international standing.

EcoSchool: The Congusto Initiative

Here we are, #congustogreen! 🌍💚

Greetings to the world from the Congusto Institute, ready to leave their mark. Every day, a step towards a greener school. Why? Because our planet deserves love and care. Join us, every gesture counts! Here are the six pillars of #congustogreen:

  • Goodbye paper and plastic, welcome digital handouts. Every sheet saved is a step towards a greener school.📱💚


  • From 2020, our diplomas are digital! Over 750 students have already received their digital credentials. 🎓💚


  • We promote the use of ecological and sustainable products. Every small gesture can make a big difference. 🌱💚


  • We choose sustainable products and services from eco-friendly suppliers. Every choice counts to protect our planet. 🛍️💚


  • We encourage the use of eco-friendly means of transport. Reducing the environmental impact in the city starts with the way we travel. 🚲🛴💚


  • We joined the Treedom project to plant trees and finance local farmers. It is our promise to increasingly become a sustainable and socially responsible school. 🌳🌍


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