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Master in food studies

Master in food studies

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The multi-specialist Master's degree in cooking, pastry making, oenology and management is the most complete path to becoming a true food professional.

TYPE Executive Masters
INTAKES from 05/20/2024 to 05/23/2025
from 09/23/2024 to 09/24/2025
DURATION 12 months
TOT. HOURS 1320 hours
Mon-Fri 9.30-13.30*

* Attendance: 5 days/week, lessons from 4 to 6 hours (dependent subject)

  • Pay in two installments
  • 10% off under 20
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The multi-specialist Master's degree in cooking, pastry making, oenology and management includes the teaching of BASIC ELEMENTS and SPECIFIC INSIGHTS on the various food professions. It will allow you to achieve integrated training in Cuisine, Pastry, Oenology and Management to fit in at all levels, both operational and managerial, in the world of catering and hospitality.

These are 3 advanced training courses for a total of 1320 hours of overall advanced training divided as follows:

1. Professional Chef Training

A professional cooking course to acquire the correct mastery of the fundamental processing and cooking techniques, achieve adequate knowledge of the raw materials and related conservation techniques, as well as a good culture of and about Italian cuisine to be able to fit in and operate in the interior of a kitchen brigade, anywhere in the world.

2. Professional Pastrychef training

A professional pastry making course to develop an integrated vision of pastry making, its techniques and the most advanced methodologies to be able to plan, propose and carry out organizational improvements.

3. Professional Maître and Restaurant Mgmnt training

A professional course to develop an integrated vision and acquire technical, economic and regulatory skills in the food and wine and hotel hospitality supply chains.

In addition to the PROGRAM LEADERS, chefs and leading names on the Italian gastronomic scene are regularly involved in the teaching of the master in food studies, includingRoberto Carcangiu,Marco Pedron,Sergio Mei,Elio Sironi,Gaia Giordano,Cesare Battisti,Eugenio Boer,Ernst Knam,Matteo Cunsolo,Manuela Vanni,Alberto Cauzziand many others.

The strengths of Congusto's multi-specialist cooking master's degree in Milan

  • The Master of Italian Cuisine is a professionalizing path, it will allow you to enter the world of work
  • The teachers of the gastronomic training course are all recognized experts and professional trainers
  • In-Campus laboratory training with method teachers and Guest Chefs on the main cooking, pastry making, dining room and restaurant management techniques
  • Curricular internship to complete classroom training, in starred restaurants, prestigious pastry shops, luxury hotels, catering, large-scale retail trade companies, but also contemporary trattorias, gourmet bistros and new successful formats
  • Classes with limited numbers with a maximum of 12 students
  • The classrooms and laboratories are very large and equipped with cutting-edge equipment and technologies
  • You will obtain a diploma and Skills Certification Certificates issued by the Lombardy Region, according to EQF (European Qualification Framework) standards recognized and usable throughout Europe
  • Possibility of installment payments
  • The fee includes a personalized Congusto uniform, a basic knife kit, a planetary mixer, textbooks, handouts and exclusive recipe books from the Great Chefs
  • Classroom tutoring
  • Consultation of the best sector books in the library published byItalian Gourmetand free copies of sector magazines "Great Kitchen” "The Italian Pastry Chef & Ice Cream Maker" "The Italian Bread Maker" for the entire duration of the master's degree

Congusto welcomes applications from all prospective students and accepts candidates with the best potential, regardless of their secondary studies. The age range is between 18 and 45 years. It is necessary to have completed compulsory schooling.

SIGN UP NOW, PAY LATER (for Italian Citizens only)

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