Congusto e JRE Italia Insieme per la Cucina del Domani

Congusto and JRE Italia together for the Cuisine of The Future

The Congusto cooking school is pleased to announce a new and stimulating collaboration with JRE Italia, the association that represents the avanguard of young chefs in the national gastronomic panorama. This synergy marks the beginning of an exciting chapter for both institutions, with the aim of enhancing and promoting Italian culinary innovation.

The presentation at the JRE Congress

The recent XXXI JRE-Italia National Congress underlined the importance of dialogue and discussion between professionals in the sector, with the historic Guido Berlucchi winery providing a highly prestigious context for the event. During the congress, president Alberto Basso outlined a strategic vision for the future of the association, focused on international growth and the valorization of Italian excellence.

JRE and Congusto for the future of catering

The entry of five new talents into JRE Italia represents a moment of renewal and promises to bring new energy and ideas within the association. The presence of Roberto Carcangiu, educational director of the Congusto Institute, formalized the collaboration between the school and JRE Italia. This strategic partnership aims to involve young restaurateurs in the training activities of aspiring chefs, creating a bridge between the practical experience of professionals and the educational field.

New projects and synergies between chefs and training

Looking to the future, JRE Italia is committed to maintaining its legacy of gastronomic excellence, continuing to be a point of reference in the national and international culinary scene. With projects that aim to promote national gastronomic culture and collaborations with other organizations in the sector, the association aims to expand the network of affiliated chefs and restaurateurs, thus promoting Italian cuisine in the world.

The Congusto cooking school is proud to participate in this initiative, convinced that the collaboration with JRE Italia will open new opportunities for students and help shape the future of Italian cuisine.


In the photo the director of the Congusto Institute, Roberto Carcangiu, with the President of JRE Italia, Alberto Basso

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