Carbonara Day 2024: Interpretazioni Creative di Chef Talentuosi

Carbonara Day 2024: Creative Interpretations by Talented Chefs

Like every April 6th, we celebrate Carbonara, the most loved and cooked pasta recipe in the world. However, we do it in our own way. After tradition and some gourmet variations in past editions, the journey continues with the interpretations of the chefs hosted in the kitchens of the Congusto Institute.

We asked three young professionals to interpret this dish. Three different recipes with a very personal vision which highlights the desire to leave your own signature.

For Carbonara Day 2024 we invited Angelo Bonfitto, Francesco Vitale and Giorgio Monzani. Togheter we take an ideal journey exploring completely unexpected but very contemporary  taste.

Angelo Bonfitto: Spaghettino Garofalo with Notes of Tradition and Innovation

Chef Angelo Bonfitto takes us to his restaurant in Riva di Solto (BG) to savor a revisited Spaghettino Garofalo. His dish, inspired by the colors and flavors of carbonara, combines traditional ingredients such as egg and pecorino with a smoky note coming from catfish lard.

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Francesco Vitale: Bao alla Carbonara with an International Twist

From Milan, Francesco Vitale presents us with a Bao with carbonara cheek. The marinated pork cheek cooked at low temperature blends with a carbonara foam, creating an intriguing contrast of textures and flavors.

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Giorgio Monzani: Greek Greek, a Homage to the Origins

The Italian-Greek Giorgio Monzani surprises us with a carbonara defined as Ιταλοgreco. Trahana, a fermented Greek pasta, combines with Amfilochia pecorino and toasted bacon, creating a dish that celebrates its cultural roots.

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These show us that carbonara can be a canvas for innovation and creativity. Discover these variations and get inspired!

If you are thinking that being a chef is the profession for you, Congusto Institute offers you the opportunity to attending professional cooking courses in order to learn the basics, techniques and everything you need to became a real chef.

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