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Baking techniques

Baking techniques

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from 04/10 to 25/10/2024
DURATION 4 lessons
Saturday 10.00-15.00

Introduction to sourdough. Classic doughs The baking course for beginners includes 4 lessons, during which participants learn to recognize the various raw materials, flours, different leavening methods, to move on to classic doughs, puff pastries and breakfast leavened products. At the end of the course dedicated to learning bread-making techniques, the students will be able to taste the preparations and discuss the results obtained.


  1. Introduction: flours and leavening
  2. Introduction to sourdough. Classic doughs
  3. Introduction to breakfast leavened products
  4. The puff pastries. Final presentation

The bread-making lessons are held by professional Congusto bread-making teachers, who in each session manage to combine a short theoretical part with lots of practice and very useful advice.

The cost of the course includes

  • ingredients, utensils and equipment
  • methods, preparation techniques and cooking times
  • creative and optimal use of food
  • preparation and presentation
  • textbook and handouts
  • Congusto cotton apron and hat

At the end of the course, a certificate of participation will be issued for all those who have attended 90% of the lessons.

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