Tre Donne Chef Geniali e Rivoluzionarie a Cui Ispirarsi

Three Brilliant and Revolutionary Italian Women Chefs to Inspire You

The world of catering is also full of obstacles: to come close to excellence you need determination, curiosity and sacrifice. These requirements are certainly not lacking in the chefs protagonists of this article. These women are a source of inspiration for our students and a stimulus to continually grow. Let's discover them together:

Antonia Klugmann

Born in 1979, Antonia Klugmann is a chef who beautifully explains the territory and respects the seasonality of raw materials. Thanks to her constant commitment, she managed to give visibility to Vencò, a hamlet in the province of Gorizia, on the border with Slovenia. With the L'Argine restaurant in Vencò, Antonia won a Michelin star and in 2019 she obtained four hats from the Espresso Guide. His dishes evoke distant memories and involve the customer at three hundred and sixty degrees, transforming every meal into an emotional experience. Iconic dish: Green polenta or tagliolini with fennel and fir.

Martina Caruso

Born in 1989, Martina Caruso is the chef of the Signum restaurant, located on the island of Salina. Its distinctive, powerful and safe cuisine does not forget the innovation of today and tomorrow. In 2016, it received a Michelin star, revealing course after course the colours, aromas and flavors of Mediterranean cuisine on an international scale. Its ability to combine tradition and innovation has made Signum a notable culinary destination. Iconic dish : Salina red prawn, Vulcano ricotta and tomato water.

Viviana Varese

Born in 1979, Viviana Varese is one of the best-known faces of Italian cuisine, with a deep love for food since she was a child. After years at the helm of the "Viva" restaurant (one Michelin star within Eataly Smeraldo in Milan), he began a new path at the Luxury Boutique Hotel Passalacqua, on the shores of Lake Como. Viviana is also very attentive to social issues and has created projects to give a second chance to women in difficulty, significantly contributing to their reintegration into the world of work. In 2021, Viviana was named among the 50 Best for Recovery and won Restaurant's Champion of Change award, an initiative to support the recovery of the sector post-health emergency. Iconic dish: Risotto with cuttlefish ink, saffron and sweetbread.

Inspiration and Training for Aspiring Chefs

These three professionals, thanks to their stubbornness and creativity, managed to make their dream come true. For aspiring chefs, the stories of Antonia Klugmann , Martina Caruso and Viviana Varese offer not only inspiration, but also a clear demonstration of how passion and dedication can lead to success.
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