Scopri il nuovo sito del Congusto Institute

Discover the new Congusto Institute website

The time has finally come: our new website is online! We thought of it as the ideal place to discover the training offer of our cooking school , in a simple and intuitive way. More beautiful, functional and innovative, the Congusto Institute website will guide you to discover professional cooking and pastry courses. The innovative platform we used allows a perfect browsing experience on all devices. So you can learn more about our reality and immediately find the information you need.

Our visual style is inspired by the world of cinema and theatre: light, colour, gestures create a narrative around the culinary experience. Dishes, chefs and people during the courses are portrayed in evocative compositions, which capture the essence of the actions that take place in the kitchen. The color yellow remains the common thread that has always characterized Congusto Institute.

What are you waiting for? Choose and book your seat in the classroom online! You can request information or book a guided tour of the School by following a few steps. If you are a company and want to organize a team building event in the kitchen, contact us and we will offer you personalized solutions!

We have a clear objective, to communicate enthusiasm in learning through images with movements, sometimes even blurred, which convey dynamism, evolution, professional growth. A representation of everything you can actually find at the Congusto Institute.

The creative idea, graphic creation and technical development are by Valentina Ciuffi's Studio Vedét. Photos by Giulio Oldrini.

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