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10 famous Italian pastry chefs to inspire you to make a career

Here are the most famous Italian pastry chefs and how to learn from their experience  

Pastry making is an art that feeds on creativity, patience, creativity and passion. 

Over the last four centuries it has seen a flourishing development, to the point that today many of the most famous Italian pastry chefs enjoy great fame, including international fame. It often happens, therefore, that we see them participate in rather popular television programs or series. 

But let's get to the point: who are the famous Italian pastry chefs to take as an example? 

Let's discover together the most renowned Pastry Chefs in Italy. 

10 famous Italian pastry chefs you absolutely must know 

If you are already in the profession, an aspiring one, or even just an enthusiast looking for a professional figure to inspire you, you cannot help but know the stories of the starred Italian pastry chefs and look at their careers. 

 There are many good Pastry Chefs, it's true! Some, however, stand out as real stars . Let's see, then, which are the famous Italian pastry chefs to take inspiration from:

  • Corrado Assenza. Caffè Sicilia in Noto is a historic place for the locals who, in recent years, has attracted the attention of the world with the Assenza brothers' pastry shop. Corrado, a visionary pastry chef who has always seen his restaurant as "a lantern for wayfarers", was the protagonist of the Netflix series Chef's Table. Its “sweet corner” attracts people from all over the world.  
  • Giacomo Besuschio. A family history since 1845. In the sixth generation of pastry chefs, Giacomo Besuschio is heir to a century-old culture that embraces the art of sweet pastry making in the square of Abbiategrasso. Certainly one of the most popular young Pastry Chefs in Italy. 
  • Luigi Biasetto. Of Belgian origin and education, in the Nineties he moved to Padua where he began to collect numerous successes. Always in search of absolute harmony, for him every victory marks a challenge to continuous self-improvement. “Thinking rationally, expressing creativity and transmitting emotions”: these are the cornerstones of his method consolidated over time which soon became a reference manual in the pastry sector. 
  • Sal De Riso. Founded the homonymous pastry shop typical of the Amalfi Coast with the Dolce d'Amalfi and the famous Ricotta and pear cake, in an attempt to represent all the colors and scents of its land. Also producing panettone with limoncello cream, colombe, mignon pastries and babà, Sal De Riso allows you to embark on a journey dedicated to the flavors of an exceptional land. 
  • Fabrizio Fiorani. Born in 1986 in Rome, he has always had the desire for an international experience which led him to participate in events and creations in Japan and Bali. He is currently a member of the Academy of Italian Pastry Chefs. 
  • Gianluca Fusto. Born in Milan, he soon followed the path of pastry making, working at Gualtiero Marchesi's "Il Bistrot" and in the "Aimo e Nadia" restaurant, where his most important professional turning point took place. Here, in fact, he learned how in pastry making technique and sensorial sensitivity are closely linked, making it his signature. 
  • Ernst Knam. The name reveals his German origins, but he is considered one of the best Italian pastry chefs. Milanese by adoption, he trained in the kitchen of Gualtiero Marchesi and is known as "The King of Chocolate". His creations stand out for their refinement, unusual combinations and seasonal ingredients. Multiple winner of numerous international awards, he was champion of Chocolate, Ice Cream, Finger food and protagonist of some television programs such as Il Re del Cioccolato, Bake Off Italia and What the hell is pastry making.   
  • Iginio Massari. Born in 1942, he has the Pasticceria Veneto famous for krapfen , paradise cake, panettone and classic desserts of the Lombard tradition in Brescia (his hometown where he also founded the Academy of Italian Master Pastry Chefs) , with a branch also in Milan. He wins over 300 prizes, recognitions and competitions and is considered a great master, an international point of reference. 
  • Marco Pedron. Milanese by birth and student of Luigi Biasetto, he first worked in Belgium, London, Milan and then, from the meeting with Cracco, came the official turning point which saw him as Head Pastry Chef of "Cracco In Galleria". From that moment on, his brioche marked a new way of understanding breakfast in Milan! Enthusiastic, rigorous and eclectic, he never loses sight of modernity and creativity. Today director of the Congusto pastry shop area.
  • Vincenzo Tiri. It grows in the family laboratory that has been operating for over sixty years occupies panettone, colombe and pandoro. In 2018, the first pastry shop in the world offering only leavened desserts opened in Potenza, in an attempt to produce the best panettone ever. The numerous awards and accumulated experience make Vincenzo Tiri one of the most sought after consultants by well-known Italian and international confectionery companies. 

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Those we have just seen are some of the many prominent names in Italian pastry making: exceptional stories of Pastry Chefs who have turned their passion into a masterpiece.  

If you also aspire to become a professional pastry chef and have a career in the sector, take the opportunity to enroll in one of the Congusto Institute courses . In addition to the 6-month professional pastry courses , in which you can learn the main techniques alongside expert masters, you can choose to take part in the numerous pastry masterclasses held by some of the most famous Italian pastry chefs in Italy, including Marco Pedron, Vincenzo Tiri and many others. 

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