Il Prestito d'onore "Per Merito" di Intesa Sanpaolo al Congusto Institute

The Intesa Sanpaolo "Per Merito" Honorary Loan to the Congusto Institute

We support the training path of our students by providing them with ever-changing tools and methods to start high-profile training. One of these is the possibility of obtaining support such as that provided by Intesa Sanpaolo, which helps to give new life to the professional development of young students. We know well that the desire to improve and get involved in the training field depends on multiple factors, not least the economic one. The Merit Loan designed by Intesa Sanpaolo is an additional opportunity to experience your training and studies with greater peace of mind.

Per Merito di Intesa Sanpaolo is the financing line that the School offers to its students (Italian Citizens only!).
Financing up to €30,000, coverage of tuition and ancillary expenses (food, accommodation, etc.) and no guarantee: thanks to the agreement with Intesa Sanpaolo, a new and interesting opportunity opens up for all students of the Congusto Institute.

Main features of "Per Merito"

  • Maximum amount that can be financed is €15,000 (Professional Chef Course or Professional Pastry Making Course) or up to €30,000 for the Multi-Specialist Master's Degree
  • Maximum amount that can be financed is €15,000 (Chef or Pastry Chef Course) or up to €30,000 for the Multi-Specialist Master's Degree
  • Coverage of expenses related to the study experience: room and board for those studying away from home, etc. (registration plus related expenses must not exceed €15,000)
  • No guarantee is required from the student (the guarantee will be from the Impact Bank fund)
  • Concessionary rate
  • The repayment can take place in a single solution or with a personal loan with a maximum duration of 30 years; in case of early termination there are no additional costs
  • At the end of the studies, a "bridge period" of 24 months is activated, during which the student will no longer receive disbursements but will not yet have to repay anything

Requirements to access

  • Age: minimum 18 years
  • Residence in Italy
  • Be admitted to the classroom for the Chef - Pastry Chef Course or multi-specialist Master of the Congusto Institute (Gourmet Institute)
  • Five-year high school diploma with a score of 70/100 or, alternatively, a degree and regular payment of tuition

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For the contractual conditions you can find all the information here

“per Merit” is a credit product dedicated to students who attend universities in Italy and abroad, or post-diploma training institutions. For the contractual conditions, consult the Information Sheets available in the branch and on the Bank's website. The granting of the loan is subject to the approval of Intesa Sanpaolo SpA

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