Identikit dell’hospitality manager: cosa fa e come diventarlo

Identikit of the hospitality manager: what he does and how to become one

Who is the hospitality manager, what does he do and what are his tasks

You would like to make a career in the hotel and restaurant sector and are trying to understand how to become a hospitality manager successfull?

In the tourism and hotel industry, this figure is essential for manage and coordinate company activities . In fact, it is a professional capable of managing all the tasks of a hospitality facility to ensure customer satisfaction and the success of the business.

But who he is specifically the hospitality manager and what he does exactly? Let's find out together!

Hospitality manager: what does he do and what role does he play within a hospitality facility?

Being an indispensable figure in the management and organization of a hospitality facility, the hospitality manager should have a solid knowledge of the tourism sector and be able to embrace different areas of the profession.

It is no coincidence that, depending on the reference structure (hotel, restaurant, luxury hotel, etc.), this profession often takes the form of more specific roles such as maître d' or restaurant manager . In these cases, it is important:

  • knowing how to manage and coordinate dining room and restaurant services , taking care of the customer;
  • have adequate knowledge of the functioning and roles within a restaurant and a hotel ;
  • to possess technical, economic and regulatory skills relating to the food and wine and hotel hospitality supply chains;
  • effectively use communication techniques towards the customer to optimize the quality of the service;
  • to possess excellent interpersonal skills and managerial.

Here's how to become a hospitality manager with Congusto courses!

Now that you know more about the figure of the hospitality manager, what he does , what are the general tasks and requirements he should have, you will certainly have understood that becoming a professional in the sector requires a lot of practice, but above all a lot of training.

As we have seen, in fact, the skills required for become a hospitality manager they are different and often of a specialized and sectoral nature. So if you're wondering how become a manager in the restaurant sector, we recommend you take a look at Course for room managers of the Congusto Institute.

The study plan includes lessons dedicated to various sector topics including Hospitality, catering management, service etiquette and so on.

Whether you are at the beginning of a new journey or want to improve your training, discover the professional courses starting and don't miss the opportunity to advance your career!

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