Congusto Institute al FoodExp il 3 e 4 aprile 2024

Congusto Institute at FoodExp on 3 and 4 April 2024

Congusto Institute will participate in the seventh edition of FoodExp, the international food and wine and hotel hospitality forum. An event that will be held on 3 and 4 April 2024 in the suggestive Dominican Cloister in Lecce, a place rich in history and culture.

FoodExp is a major event in the international gastronomic scene, which every year attracts renowned chefs, hospitality experts and cooking enthusiasts from all over the world. This year's edition, organized by Sinext Creative Experience Connection, will focus on the theme "DNA - origins and contaminations of Italian cuisine", exploring the roots of Italian culinary tradition and its contemporary evolutions.
The FoodExp 2024 program promises to be an exciting journey through the flavors and techniques that have shaped Italian cuisine, with an eye on the global influences that continue to enrich it. Among the events scheduled, there will be thematic workshops, live demonstrations and "FoodExp Theatres", where spectators will be able to witness the creation of innovative dishes and discover the secrets of industry professionals.

The highlight of the program, during the first day, will be the presentation of two national companies of excellence to the hotel institutes of Puglia in the Project work room: we will be there from the Congusto Institute and Alma.

An unmissable opportunity for students and professionals in the sector to directly meet the leaders of gastronomic training.

The Congusto Institute will be present with its own space, where visitors will be able to meet some of our teachers and students, discover the courses and participate in interactive sessions. It will be a unique opportunity to share knowledge, ideas and passions with the international gastronomic community.
During the second day of FoodExp, however, journalists from the Grande Cucina magazine will also be present together with the director Federico Lorefice, to address the topics scheduled this year thanks to interviews and insights.

Summary of the FoodExp 2024 Programme

The Talk room will host debates with key figures in the sector, including Alessandro Pipero (Owner Pipero – Rome), Antonello Magistà (Owner Pashà – Conversano), and Giulia Caffiero (Assistant Restaurant Manager of Geranium – Copenhagen). A special focus will be on the San Pellegrino Young Chef Academy , which connects emerging talents from the culinary world.

The Cook Theater will see the participation of chefs such as Pietro Penna (Casamatta Vinilia – Manduria) and Maksut Askar (Neolokal – Istanbul), who will delight the public with show cooking and innovative techniques. Massimo Piccolo (Flora Restaurant – Rome) will present a theater dedicated to Pasta, in collaboration with Felicetti.

The Teatro Pizza will highlight Italian comfort food with master pizza chefs such as Ciccio Vitiello (CambiaMenti – Caserta) and Denis Lovatel (Denis – Milan). The theme of mixology will be explored by Alfonso Califano (Barcinque – Pagani) and Giulia Caffiero (Geranium – Copenhagen).

In the Grill & Bbq Theater in the garden, local talents such as Alfredo De Luca (Taverna del porto – Tricase) and the Lilith brigade (Vanze), coordinated by Matteo Romano, will present their creations.

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