Chi è il restaurant manager: cosa fa e cosa studiare per diventarlo

Who is a restaurant manager: what he does and what to study to become one

New figures in the restaurant industry: who is the restaurant manager and what does he do?

Have you already heard of the restaurant manager? Literally translated it would be the "restaurant manager", that is the reference figure inside the room . Usually deals with the various aspects of catering such as economic management, the organization of the menu, the relationship with suppliers and customers, up to developing real marketing strategies to increase the company's activities and guarantee its success.

But who really is the restaurant manager, what he does and how to become one? Let's find out together.

Restaurant manager: what he does and what role he plays

The manager of a restaurant plays a strategic role : he must be able to plan, organize, communicate and coordinate every aspect of the work. But What does a restaurant manager do specifically? Here are some tasks for which he is responsible:

  • Personnel Management. The restaurant manager must certainly make sure that everything is running smoothly. It must have, for example, one efficient team made up of an adequate number of professionals including cooks, dishwashers, waiters, and so on; establish employee shifts and tasks ; coordinate holidays; check that hygiene and safety standards are respected both in the dining room and in the kitchen; manage the selection and training of staff . And not only!
  • Management of budget and market strategies. The restaurant manager, together with the chef and the sommelier, has the task of establishing and organize the menu , for define the gastronomic offer of the restaurant . He then decides the price of the courses and takes care of it monitor the economic-financial performance of all the local activities. To then differentiate themselves from the competition, the restaurant manager plans real marketing strategies, so as to optimize and enhance the culinary offering.
  • Taking care of relationships with suppliers and customers. The director usually also takes care of it of the supply of food supplies , of providing reserves by choosing quality raw materials and of checking that food and drinks are sufficient for the needs of the restaurant. Furthermore, places orders , inspects room and kitchen equipment and utensils, supplies new machinery if necessary. It often establishes the reservation system at the tables through the adoption of one software rather than another, or defines the layout of the room . In addition to the operational management of the venue, the restaurant manager takes care of the relationship with customers , ensuring that the staff provides an impeccable welcome and service. In the event of complaints or grievances, they must also intervene to resolve unexpected "technical" problems, and therefore safeguard the restaurant's reputation. The multitasking , therefore, is undoubtedly a fundamental skill!


That's why take a restaurant manager course

In recent years the world of catering has changed considerably: on the customer side there is a new way of dealing with food orders and consumption; on the manager side, the ways of understanding the service, the management of the venue and contacts with customers are now different.

Then choose to follow a restaurant manager course it means acquire new skills and industry tools , to have a modern and updated approach on the latest market needs and according to recent habits in the sector.

For this reason, we at Congusto Institute we have created the Sala and Restaurant Management Course: a course designed for those who want to acquire the main managerial skills related to the role of restaurant manager and undertake a professional career in the sector.

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