Carbonara Day con i bottoni firmati Davide Marzullo

Carbonara Day with Davide Marzullo buttons

Every April 6th is Carbonara Day , one of the most iconic dishes in Italian cuisine. Among the most imitated and revisited.

For the occasion, we asked a young and talented chef to interpret this much loved dish. Davide Marzullo , award-winning chef of Contemporary restaurant, Emerging Chef North Winner 2021,
Antonino Chef Academy 2020 and S. Pellegrino Young Chef 2019, brought in the kitchen by Congusto, signed Kitchen Aid, his vision of carbonara. Meanwhile, he signed for us i Bottoni di Carbonara , or fresh stuffed pasta with a flavor strongly linked to tradition, but presented in an innovative way. When tasted, each button "pops" in the mouth confirming the taste of the dish you remember. What happens? Chef Marzullo does not distort the flavor of a preparation linked to the tradition of typical Roman cuisine, but leaves his mark.

Carbonara day_marzullo

The ingredients of the original preparation are all there: bacon, pecorino cheese, egg and pepper . The taste is really explosive.
Chef Marzullo likes to dare, with courage, passion and fun while starting from a simple and traditional recipe. His trattoria project, in the province of Como, is inserted in a reality called Fabrica, a coworking and an incubator of ideas, where talents are contaminated not only in the kitchen.

Carbonara Day_Marzullo

Buttons of carbonara


Button filling
300 chicken broth
200 butter
300 yolk
300 pecorino romano

Fresh pasta
500 flour 00
400 yolk
15 g salt

Pecorino sauce
250 cream
175 pecorino romano

30 g crunchy bacon


For the filling: prepare all the ingredients in a vacuum seal, cook for 1 hour at 62°. Leave to rest and whip in the planetary mixer with the leaf.
For the fresh pasta: assemble all the ingredients, vacuum-pack the dough and let it rest overnight in the fridge and then roll it out.
Fill the pastry with the filling using a sac à poche and cup the buttons with a stencil.
Cook the pasta for a few minutes in boiling water.
For the pecorino sauce: bring the cream to the boil, add the pecorino romano, blend and sift.
Cut the guanciale into thin slices, degrease it in a pan. The shortening will be used to glaze the buttons. The crunchy bacon, on the other hand, should be chopped with a knife and added to the buttons.
The dish should be completed with fresh pepper, wild herbs and brik pasta wafers.

By the editorial team

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