20 anni di Congusto al Grande Cucina Talent Prize

20 years of Congusto at the Grande Cucina Talent Prize

During the Grande Cucina Talent Prize awards event on 24 October, a parenthesis was opened to celebrate 20 years of the Congusto Institute. The award created by Federico Lorefice, founder of the Milanese cooking school together with the entrepreneur Daniel Stoico, was born as a project starting from his role as editorial director of the Grande Cucina magazine.

The future of Italian catering

20 years of Congusto

Also on the jury for the award dedicated to young talents in Italian catering under 30 are the educational director of Congusto, the chef Roberto Carcangiu, who had the task of coordinating and supervising the activity of the three finalist chefs who competed for the title of Talent Chef of the Year 2023.

Congusto students meet great professionals

20 years of Congusto

Also present were a group of student chefs, supporting the staff who helped carry out the preparations of the finalists. Also in the kitchen is Roberto Preziuso, resident cook instructor of the professional chef course by Congusto Institute.

Also on the jury at the Talent Prize is Director Carcangiu

20 years of Congusto

The young students had the opportunity to take an active part in an event which saw the best professionals in the catering sector present. In fact, the jury also included chefs Cesare Battisti, Eugenio Boer, Luca Marchini, Gaia Giordano, Filippo Saporito, Antonio Guida and pastry chef Ernst Knam.

Congusto teachers prepare young future chefs and pastry chefs

20 years of Congusto

To complete the celebration of 20 years of the first food and wine campus in Milan, which is part of the large DBInformation group, which welcomes under its aegis an integrated and cohesive system made up of different areas: training, events and publishing, including magazines and books, a splendid cake created by the master pastry chef Marco Pedron, pastry director of Congusto.

Marco Pedron's cake to celebrate 20 years of Congusto

20 years of Congusto

The Giardino cake for the twentieth anniversary of Congusto was based on crunchy pastry and almond caprese, cream and citrus gelée, almond and vanilla mousse, covered with fresh fruit and cress sprouts.

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