09 August 2020

Roberto Carcangiu

Roberto Carcangiu is the director of studies at Congusto Gourmet Institute. He is a Chef, President of the Professional Association of Italian Chefs and International Chocolier Institute. Carcangiu is a nutrition and cooking consultant for many companies and organizations and he has a long experience in teaching. Roberto Carcangiu is the author of more than ten books and a content contributor for some of the most important food and wine Italian magazines. He’s a promoter and developer of cooking and nutrition projects, strategy and marketing consultant. Carcangiu has also been a speaker at numerous national and international conferences and events. His philosophy is to treat the ingredients and raw materials carefully, with great respect, as well as paying attention to tasty and healthy cuisine with the respect of both consumers and business and trade.

13 September 2023

Ecco i vincitori dell’undicesima edizione di Panettone Day

Nella splendida Sala Mengoni da Cracco in Galleria a Milano, si è svolta la finale del Panettone Day. La giuria...
28 July 2023

Il Prestito Per Merito Intesa Sanpaolo al Congusto Institute

Supportiamo il percorso formativo dei nostri allievi mettendo a loro disposizione strumenti e modalità sempre diverse per avviare una formazione...