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Italian Culinary Program for International



Course in Italian Culinary Arts in Italy

Developed by renowned professional Chefs to respond to industry needs, our culinary school for international students is designed to deliver a top-level training to young people who want to improve their knowledge of Italian culinary arts.

The intensive program of our Italian Culinary & Gastronomic Training Course has a strongly practical approach and theoretical notions are always implemented through everyday practice.

Full program includes 680 teaching hours of culinary education, divided into a 2-month in-school phase and a 3-month internship. In-school-classes will be held from Monday to Friday from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.


  • Theoretical and practical lessons, as per scheduled program
  • Educational material
  • Food products for lessons and tastings
  • Access to various professional tasting sessions all around Milan, field trips and gastronomy events
  • Usage of equipment and tools during lessons in the designated classrooms
  • A complete chef uniform consisting of a chef jacket with Congusto logo, chef pants, an apron with Congusto logo and a cotton bandana with our logo
  • Ongoing assistance during the course in the bureaucratic procedures for the issuing of the temporary residence permit
  • School Diploma at the completion of the course

Admission criteria

  • Holders of diplomas from higher education hospitality institutes or equivalent
  • Foreigners with experience from the food and/or hospitality sector
  • Food enthusiasts or people already working in the field with at least one year of documented experience in hospitality industry
  • Eligibility to study in EU
  • 18 years or older
  • Basic knowledge of Italian language (optional)
  • Obiettivi
  • Piano Studi
  • Ammissione
  • Certificazioni


Upon completion of the Culinary Arts Degree Program, chef graduates will be able to:

Demonstrate expertise in Italian Food ingredients and latest professional equipment


Demonstrate expertise in preparation of breakfast, lunch and dinner items using ingredients that are wholesome, sanitary and nutritious


Prepare a wide variety Italian dishes and assemble lucrative menus


Demonstrate expertise in Italian flavour strategies and healthy cooking methods, both traditional and modern


Demonstrate expertise in Italian baking and pastry principles and production techniques

Study plan

  • HACCP: Health and Safety in catering and hospitality
  • Elements of nutrition science, dietology, commodity
  • The history of Italian gastronomy 
  • The kitchen brigate system (the hierarchy, roles and responsibilities)
  • Equipment requirements for professional kitchens and maintenance
  • Basic techniques of traditional italian cuisine
  • Cutting techniques
  • Menu planning, food costs and pricing
  • Professional ethics
  • The regional cuisine (history, description and realization of traditional dishes)
  • Pasta: dried, fresh and filled
  • Risotto: history; characteristics and culinary uses of Italian rice
  • Italian cheeses and antipasti
  • Meat
  • Fish & seafood
  • Contorni (side dishes): vegetables, greens and salads
  • The Italian bakery
  • Sweet shortcrust pastry
  • Puff pastry, Pastry Cream, Bignè and Meringues
  • Italian desserts
  • Restaurant desserts: decoration techiniques
  • Technology: vacuum – sealed – low temperature cooking
  • Tasting : the Sensorial Analysis
  • On site visits

Admissions criteria

  • Holders of diplomas from higher education hospitality institutes or equivalent
  • Foreigners with experience from the food and/or hospitality sector
  • Food enthusiasts or people already working in the field with at least one year of documented experience in hospitality industry
  • Eligibility to study in EU
  • 18 years or older
  • Basic knowledge of Italian language (optional)

How to Apply

Please fill in the online form on this page

For further information please send an email to or call +39 02 89785801 (Mon/Fri 9 AM/4 PM)


The Diploma is awarded on successful completion of both phases (In-school-training + Internship)

At the end of the in-school training students who attended at least 80% of the classes will be admitted to the final examination. Once the final test has been passed, students will be placed for their internship in one of our prestigious contracted restaurants located in Milano or hinterland

Call #1

April 2024


Application fee 200 €
(not refundable)

Call #2

September 2024


Application fee 200 €
(not refundable)

Call #3

April 2025


Application fee 200 €
(not refundable)

    Application form for admission

    Upload documents

    Curriculum Vitae
    Health insurance card
    ID card

    Skills and abilities


    Program Director

    Roberto Carcangiu

    Director of Study

    Chef, President of the Professional Association of Italian Chefs (APCI) and of the International Chocolier Institute, Carcangiu works as a  consultant for many companies and organizations on nutrition and catering management topics. He has a long experience as a trainer, is the author of about ten books and contributor to some of the most important food and wine magazines in Italy.

    Creator of many projects related to cuisine and nutrition as an organizational and marketing consultant, Roberto Carcangiu has also been a speaker at many national and international conferences and events. He has great respect for ingredients and their use and is attentive to a tasty and healthy cuisine with respect for the professional and consumers.

    Marco Pedron

    Executive Pastry Chef

    Marco Pedron, born in Milan in 1981, began to practice as a chef, but he has a real passion for pastry. His successful career started at the Principe di Savoia with chef Paola Budel and sous chef Omar Allievi, where in a very short time he became head of the pastry shop. Thanks to his determination he continues to cultivate his professionality working with Luigi Biasetto, where learned rigor and technique. Pedron worked as a manager of Biasetto pastry shops in Belgium, in Brussels, developing new skills. So, back to Milan, met Rocco Princi with the role of executive of all his stores in Italy and in London. Then, his professional partnership with Carlo Cracco started during the Expo, for Trenitalia and Garage Italia projects and then hold the prestigious role of Head Pastry Chef of the Caffè Cracco In Galleria, right from its opening. Today, his figure has evolved from pastry chef to consultant, manging new projects for food companies, and teaching activity.

    Roberto Preziuso

    Cook Instructor

    Roberto Preziuso is a method teacher at Congusto Gourmet Institute. Born in 1983 in Saronno, Preziuso has always travelled a lot for passion and for work. Straddling Europe, America, Asia and Oceania, curiosity and the desire for confrontation with new cultures often led him outside the Italian borders to work in international contexts.
    After the hotel management school in Monza and university studies in Food Science and Technology, he has had various experiences in restaurants in Milan and the province before moving and working for a few years first in London and then in Melbourne, Australia. Among the restaurants in which he played the role of Cook stands out the Nopi Restaurant in London, originated from the brigade of Yotam Ottolenghi, and the Grossi Florentino Upstairs Restaurant, led by Chef Guy Grossi.
    Returning to Italy in 2015, he brings with him all the skills acquired in these international and multicultural contexts. Among his many subsequent experiences, he worked as Executive Chef at Palazzo Italia during Expo 2015 and collaborated with various restaurants in Lombardy capital, including Peck and the food hall of ​​La Rinascente. Meanwhile, he has discovered to have a great attitude and fascination towards teaching, a lively boost to improve and grow.


    Chiamaci o prenota una call con un consulente didattico! Siamo a tua disposizione per aiutarti nella scelta del percorso di studi migliore, fornirti informazioni su contenuti e obiettivi dei corsi, sbocchi professionali e procedure di iscrizione.

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    • Borse di studio
    • Classi composte da max 12 persone