Diploma in Italian Cuisine, Bakery and Pastry

The combination of formal technical training and exposure to professional reality makes for a unique educational opportunity.

Congusto is since 2003 one of the top italian culinary arts school. Congusto has chosen a complex of 1500 square meters, the highest concentration in the city of classrooms, for the training of culinary arts and pastry. The location therefore offers a variety of possibilities, from traditional training to workshops and events. Our teachers are highly qualified professionals, well-known names of Italian cuisine or expert trainers in the various fields of expertise.  The teaching management is entrusted to Chef Roberto Carcangiu, also President of the Professional Association of Italian Chefs (APCI).

Congusto provides a truly hands-on experience for students who aspire to a career in the culinary field (Italian cuisine, pastry and bakery). The didactic approach of the School is a mix of cooking culture and technique.

Students are awarded the CONGUSTO’s DIPLOMA upon successful completion of the training with a passing grade average. The certificate is recognized by professionals both in Italy and abroad.