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09 August 2020

Roberto Preziuso

Born in 1983 in Saronno, Preziuso is passionate about traveling for leisure and work. Straddling Europe, America, Asia and Oceania, he is a curious person who loves to get in touch with different cultures and to work in international contexts. After training at the hotel management school in Monza he got a degree in Food Science and Technology. After several years of work experiences in restaurants in Milan and and surroundings, he moved in London and then in Melbourne, Australia. Preziuso worked as “chef de partie” at Nopi in London (Yotam Ottolenghi restaurant in Soho) and the Grossi Florentino Upstair Restaurant by Chef Guy Grossi. Back to Italy in 2015, he brings all the skills acquired in these international and multicultural contexts. He worked as Senior “chef de partie” at Palazzo Italia during Expo 2015 and his culinary experiences continue in various restaurants in Milan, including Peck and ​​La Rinascente Food Hall. Meanwhile, he discovered a personality-based propensity as a trainer.

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