17 January 2022

Daniel Stoico

Daniel Stoico is the creative soul of Congusto. He’s a lover of beauty, so much so that he chose figurative arts and modeled in high school. He was just 17 when got into fashion world as a model, working around Europe. After few years he decided to work behind the scenes and founded a model agency, enrolled at University to study architecture and at the same time was focused on event planning. He spent few years between Milan and Paris and in 2005 met Federico Lorefice, who entrusted him with the management of the Congusto location in via Manzoni and the organization of the group's events. The world of food seems to contain all of his passions: the art of shaping raw materials to make them a gourmand dish; the search for unusual ingredients to create innovative recipes and alchemy between traditional flavors and new inspiration for taste; the creativity to develop increasingly topical courses to respond to the needs of the specific market in constant evolution and ever more demanding students. Thanks to Stoico, the Congusto school acquires an international and innovative approach perfect for a such dynamic market evolving so quickly.

Should anyone ask Daniel Stoico what’s the secret behind an innovative project, he usually answers smiling, revealing two main ingredients: let your imagination roam free and find the best chocolate during a trip around the world. Dark chocolate, of course.

03 October 2022

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14 September 2022

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