Our mission: higher education in gastronomic disciplines

Congusto is an advanced training and professional specialization school dedicated to cooking and gastronomic disciplines. Over 20 years our mission is to train future catering professionals, new generations of chefs, restaurant managers, pastry chefs, bakers and pizza chefs. We also contribute to the growth of professionals who wish to update and specialize in certain area.

The school trained and lead to the working life hundreds of students, transmitting them know-how, passion, skills and encouraging them to understand the importance of using the best raw materials and the most up-to-date equipment. A mix of soft and hard skills. Over 90% of our young students gets jobs within 6 months of completing their studies.

Congusto Gourmet Institute is a professional cooking training center but also spreads italian gastronomic culture and help generate a greater knowledge of food.  our teaching staff is composed of the most qualified and experienced chefs, pastry chefs, bakers and trainers, coming from of national and international acclaim.

In 2018 DBInformation S.p.A. Italian Gourmet – the most authoritative publishing house of haute cuisine and pastry books and magazines – became our partner. So, our educational offer expanded with exclusive contents and Michelin starred teachers, more topics supported by excellent single-issue editorial products and the chance to participate in food events organized by the publishing house.


Technique, creativity, innovation, teamwork are our basic teachings.

All this let you start building your future chef and pastry chef career.

About us

Congusto Gourmet Institute is an education center and a leading campus for gastronomic disciplines since 2003. Founded by Federico Lorefice and Daniel Stoico, entrepreneurs with twenty years of experience in food studies, and directed by Roberto Carcangiu, chef and scientific consultant about cooking and nutrition, and by Riccardo Magni, pastry chef and consultant.
The Campus is accredited by the Lombardy Region and ISO 9001 quality certified.

Our mission

We provide certified courses to become Chefs, Pastry Chefs, Bakers, Pizza Makers and Hospitality Managers. We provide solid training course for young students, but also for professionals who wish to update and improve their food skills or radically change their work area and undertake new job challenges. Thanks to strategic partnerships, we have an extensive catalogue of placement opportunities.

What we believe in

Our teachers do more than just teach students the basics about cooking and pastry, but concretely contribute to get access to gastronomic cultures, They bring incentives, trends and innovations and all the experiences one has had in professional life. This is a training model based on sharing knowledge and working side by side in order to build courses with strong, rigorous and pragmatic approach. This way, we open our students’ minds to and an openness to the new that will accompany them during their professional career.

Italian Gourmet

Congusto is partner of Italian Gourmet, a leading reality in the Italian publishing scene (haute cuisine and pastry books, food magazines). Italian Gourmet is the most complete multi-channel system to connect professionals, companies and enthusiasts of cooking, bakery, pastry and ice cream, promoting the culture of food and the excellence of Made in Italy.

  • Headquarter

    Buildings are spread over several floors. Access is barrier-free complying with all requirement needed. The school is part of a large area for a total of 1,500 square meters. There is an outdoor space for staff and students breaks and to enhance socialization and a courtyard with educational aromatic herbs garden with cooking herbs.

  • Classrooms

    6 technical-professional labs well equipped with all the modern appliances and the most innovative technologies used for cooking, pastry and bakery courses. All the laboratories are equipped with professional instruments and individual workstations.

  • Auditorium

    It’s a well equipped space with open kitchen and backstage area that can welcome up to 80 seats. This space is suitable for training courses, but it is perfect for cooking shows, incentive meetings, sales presentations and corporate events.

  • Shop

    This is the space where students can buy books at special price, cooking tools and equipment, professional chef’s uniforms. The library puts at students’ disposal the best volumes published by Italian Gourmet and copies of b2b magazines such as Grande Cucina, Il Pasticcere e Gelatiere, Il Panificatore.