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About Us

Congusto Gourmet Institute is one of the top culinary school for international students in Italy since 2003. The school is located in an area of 1,500 square meters entirely dedicated to the training on culinary arts and pastry, that is the highest concentration of classrooms in the city of Milan.

What we offer

The school offers a variety of possibilities, from culinary education and pastry school to Food & Beverage workshops and events. Our team is made of highly qualified professionals, well-known names of Italian cuisine or expert trainers in the different subjects. The Director of study is Chef Roberto Carcangiu, also President of the Professional Association of Italian Chefs APCI.

Our classes

Our classes for English speaking guests are held by carefully selected teachers or by professional chefs and are specifically designed to teach the actual practice and art of Italian cuisine.

Let’s have a look at our Italian Culinary Program for foreign students


Congusto combination of formal technical training and exposure to professionals makes for a unique opportunity of addressing a sound culinary education.

In the heart of Milan.

  • Our offer
  • Professional program
  • Enthusiasts Classes

Delivering a mix of cooking culture and technique Congusto provides a truly hands-on experience about Italian cuisine, pastry and bakery.

With its professional program Congusto addresses students who aspire to a career in the culinary field, while its enthusiast cooking classes are perfect for those who are in love with Italian food.

International Master Degree in Culinary and Gastronomy Arts

Developed by renowned professional Chefs to respond to industry needs, our intensive program is designed to train students who want to improve their knowledge of Italian culinary and gastronomic traditions. Congusto Program has a strongly practical approach, where theoretical notions are always implemented through everyday practice.

Congusto Program includes 680 teaching hours, divided into a 2-month in-school phase and a 3-month internship. In-school-classes will be held from Monday to Friday from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.


  • Theoretical-practical lessons, as per scheduled program
  • Educational material
  • Food products for lessons and tastings
  • Access to various professional tasting sessions all around Milan, field trips and gastronomy events
  • Usage of equipment and tools during lessons in the designated classrooms
  • A complete chef uniform consisting of a chef jacket with Congusto logo, a pair of chef pants, an apron with Congusto logo and a cotton bandana with our logo
  • Ongoing assistance during the course in the bureaucratic procedures for the issuing of the temporary residence permit
  • School Diploma at the completion of the course

Admission Criteria

  • Holders of diplomas from higher education hospitality institutes or equivalent
  • Foreigners with experience from the food and/or hospitality sector
  • Food enthusiasts or people already working in the field with at least one year of documented experience in hospitality industry
  • Eligibility to study in EU
  • 18 years or older
  • Basic knowledge of Italian language (optional)

Although Italian language skills are not required, knowledge of the language will greatly make your stay in Milan and your training experience much easier. We therefore strongly recommend our foreign students to approach learning Italian before the start of the program. Participants to the classes will be required to attend Italian language courses. Furthermore, remember that some classes will be taught in Italian (with translation).

Attendance, Final Examination and Internship

Congusto Program includes 680 teaching hours, divided into a 2-month in-school phase and a 3-month internship*. In-school-classes will be held in Milan from Monday to Friday from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.

*At the end of the in-school training students who attended at least 80% of the classes will be admitted to the final examination. Once the final test has been passed, students will be placed for their internship in one of our prestigious contracted restaurants located in Milano or hinterland.

The Diploma is awarded on successful completion of both phases.


  • October 2022
  • January 2023
  • May 2023

Tuition Fees

  • Application fee: 200,00 Euros (payable online by credit card/paypal, non refundable)
  • Tuition fee: 9.500 Euros* (Taxes included)

The payment can be divided into three rates (see application guide). Accommodations and living expenses are not included in tuition fee.


Congusto Gourmet Institute has no on-campus housing facilities but the school offers advice on how and where finding suitable accommodations.

A list of housing possibilities and contacts is available to all candidates once they have been admitted to the program.

Classes for Enthusiastic Home Cooks

Tailor-made individual lessons with professional chefs for the ones who want a unique and different culinary experience in Milan. A 3 hour cooking class with Congusto may well afford you your take-home memory!

Congusto classes for English speakers are organized to meet the individual needs of our customers. As a matter of fact, these are personalized lessons that offer high availability of timing and planning: the date of our 3 hour cooking class and its time slot can be agreed according to customer’s availability.

Our clients do always take part in the actual preparation of the recipes together with the teacher, and the class ends with a tasting of the dishes prepared.

Enrollment Info

All you have to do is to choose your menu from the list below and send your booking request to

After you receive a confirmation e-mail from our staff, you can proceed with the online payment within two working days, otherwise your reservation will automatically expire.

For any further information or assistance please call us: +39 0289785801.

Pick your menù

  • Italian Style

Make your own pasta and sauces under the guidance of a professional Chef. Learn recipes and preparation techniques of the most popular Italian dishes.

  • Fresh pasta dough
  • Sauces and condiments
  • Homemade bread
  • Carbonara pasta
  • Trenette pasta with pesto


  • I love pizza

Pizza is all over the world but Italy has got the original one. Come to learn all the secrets of a real delicious pizza together with one of Congusto’s professional chefs.

  • Pizza dough, proofing and baking
  • Pizza Margherita
  • Pizza 4 cheeses
  • Pizza sea and mountains
  • Pizza 4 seasons


  • Typical milanese menù

Risotto, cotoletta and much more. Find out the typical dishes of Italy’s Northern Capital.

  • Meat balls (Mondeghili)
  • Risotto alla Milanese (stirred rice flavored with saffron)
  • Cotoletta alla Milanese (Veal Cutlet Milanese)
  • Profitterol chocolate


  • Quoted on request: please ask for a customized quote

Where We Are

The school is located in via Bernardo Davanzati 15, Milano, in the Northwest of the city and inside the Bovisa University District, former industrial and emerging area.

Reach us by:

Office opening hours:  from Monday to Friday 9:00 AM / 6:00 PM


    Founder & CEO

    Federico Lorefice

    Founder&CEO of Congusto, Federico Lorefice, started his professional career very young when he was just 15. His mother encouraged him...
    Co-Founder & Executive Director

    Daniel Stoico

    Daniel Stoico is the creative soul of Congusto. He’s a lover of beauty, so much so that he chose figurative...
    Director of Study

    Roberto Carcangiu

    Roberto Carcangiu is the director of studies at Congusto Gourmet Institute. He is a Chef, President of the Professional Association...

    Marco Pedron

    Marco Pedron, milanese, classe 1981, comincia a lavorare nel settore della ristorazione partendo dalla sala, passando per la cucina per...
    Director of Study

    Roberto Carcangiu

    Roberto Carcangiu is the director of studies at Congusto Gourmet Institute. He is a Chef, President of the Professional Association...
    Resident Cook Instructor

    Roberto Preziuso

    Born in 1983 in Saronno, Preziuso is passionate about traveling for leisure and work. Straddling Europe, America, Asia and Oceania,...
    Executive Chef

    Roberto Dal Seno

    Professionista di caratura internazionale, ha lavorato in Italia, in America, in Giappone per prestigiose catene alberghiere quali il Four Seasons, Starwood,...
    Executive Chef

    Sergio Mei

    Sergio Mei è uno dei più apprezzati interpreti della cucina italiana. Affascinante fantasista con una solidissima cultura professionale, è conteso...
    Executive Chef

    Alberto Citterio

    Milanese, 40 anni,  ha frequentato le cucine della grande ristorazione milanese lavorando presso numerosi ristoranti gourmet quali Giannino di Milano (1 stella...
    Executive Chef

    Elio Sironi

    Nato e cresciuto in Brianza, Elio Sironi lascia presto la sua regione per intraprendere un lungo periodo di formazione durante...
    Executive Chef

    Emanuele Giorgione

    Meranese, classe 1984, vent'anni di esperienza in cucina in Italia e all'estero, con un focus lungo oltre 17 anni sulla...
    Cook Instructor

    Mirko Ronzoni

    Giovane chef, comunicativo, istrionico, socievole, amante della moda, degli accessori, del ben vestire ma sempre con un tocco personale ed...
    Cook Instructor

    Domenico Della Salandra

    Nato in Germania nel 1979, scopre sin da giovanissimo la passione per la cucina e si diploma all’istituto alberghiero I.P.S.S.A.R...
    Executive Chef

    Gaia Giordano

    Subito dopo il corso di formazione presso il Gambero Rosso è entrata nelle cucine di Angelo Troiani e Cristina Bowerman. E' stata executive chef...
    Executive Chef

    Elias Caschili

    Chef di esperienza internazionale nella catena dei Four Seasons Hotel oggi è alla guida di The Stage Milano in piazza...
    Executive Chef

    Giancarlo Perbellini

    Chef e imprenditore, pragmatico negli intenti, visionario nella prospettiva, Giancarlo Perbellini affronta con la forza che lo contraddistingue in tutte le sue...
    Cook Instructor & Food Photographer

    Manuela Vanni

    Cuoca esperta, giornalista enogastronomica e affermata food photographer, è direttrice di My Chef TV, ispettore per le Guide de l’Espresso...
    Resident Pastry Chef Instructor

    Elisa Lanzillotti

    Born in 1980, she graduated as a professional pastry chef in 2014 at Alma, concluding his training path with a...
    Director of Pastry & Baking Arts

    Riccardo Magni

    Riccardo Magni, born in 1973, was just 16 when started working alongside his father Paolo in Lecco. It was the...
    Executive Bakery Chef

    Matteo Cunsolo

    Presidente dell’Associazione Panificatori Milanesi, Matteo Cunsolo vive a Parabiago (MI) dove ha aperto nel 2003 il suo locale, La Panetteria....
    Pastry Chef

    Davide Pisano

    Classe 1985, giovane e brillante pasticciere del varesotto, sin da bambino sviluppa una grande passione per la cucina che lo...
    Executive Pastry Chef

    Ernst Knam

    Ernst Knam, classe 1963, tedesco di nascita e milanese d'adozione, dopo numerosi anni passati nelle cucine dei più grandi ristoranti...
    Executive Pastry Chef

    Gianluca Fusto

    Creativo e rigoroso, Gianluca Fusto è come la sua pasticceria: sensibile alle evoluzioni contemporanee. La sua formazione, di respiro internazionale,...
    Executive Pastry Chef

    Luigi Biasetto

    Luigi Biasetto, maitre patissier chocolatier confiseur e glacier, è stato campione del mondo di pasticceria nel 1997 insieme con Cristiano Besuschio...
    Executive Pastry Chef

    Vincenzo Tiri

    Vincenzo Tiri, classe ’81, pluripremiato pasticcere e maestro lievitista di Acerenza, in provincia di Potenza, che rappresenta la terza generazione...
    Executive Chef

    Giancarlo Perbellini

    Chef e imprenditore, pragmatico negli intenti, visionario nella prospettiva, Giancarlo Perbellini affronta con la forza che lo contraddistingue in tutte le sue...

    Marco Pedron

    Marco Pedron, milanese, classe 1981, comincia a lavorare nel settore della ristorazione partendo dalla sala, passando per la cucina per...

Admission Procedure

  • 1.

    Admission request

    Fill in the admission request here underneath, include the listed documents and then just send them to us

    Congusto professional courses of advanced training are designed to allow entering the job market quickly and include a curricular internship that is aimed at effectively learning processing techniques during the training itself.

  • 2.


    After receipt of the admission request and related documents one of our educational consultant will get in touch with you and schedule an individual interview (via Skype).  You must pay the application fee of 200,00 € prior the interview will be scheduled. The aim of the interview is to learn more about you, your interests, your aspirations and your personal and educational background.

    The internal School Committee will evaluate your qualifications as per pieces of information collected and will decide about your acceptance into the selected course.

    Congusto welcomes all the requests of prospective students and accepts the candidates that show the best potential, regardless of their high school education.

    If you’re not an EU citizen, you’ll have to attend an Italian language examination before being accepted.

  • 3.


    The decision made by the Committee will be shared with you in very short time.

    If your request has been accepted, you will immediately be able to enroll and pay tuition fee. This way you will secure your place in your classroom!

    Application form for admission

    Upload documents

    Curriculum Vitae
    Health insurance card
    ID card

      Other questions? Ask us!